Our Legacy

The Lepis firm has been in the Five Corners area for 80 years, making it one of the oldest established firms in the Jersey City/Hudson County area. Started in 1929, the law firm of Lepis & Lepis consisted of Joseph M. Lepis and his brother James L. Lepis, Jr.   

In 1965 James G. Lepis joined the firm.  He had finished service in the United States Army...then became an Assistant Prosecutor of Hudson County, and finally joined the law firm full time.  Mr. Lepis practiced all of the areas of law including real estate, tenancy, wills and estates, foreclosures, civil law suits, municipal court cases, buying and selling of businesses.  The law firm specialized in real estate and foreclosures. Gerald J. Lepis joined the firm in 1973.  John J. Curley joined the firm and it became known as Lepis, Lepis & Curley.

Anne F. Lepis joined
James G. Lepis Law Offices.  Today she handles real estate, zoning variances,  leasing, tenancy, wills, estates, company formations, as well as business sales and purchases.

Anne Lepis

Anne F. Lepis, a Harvard Law School graduate passed the New York State Bar in 1987 and worked in Manhattan for two years.  Upon taking the New Jersey Bar in 1989 she came to New Jersey and worked in a large law firm.    In 1991 she joined  the firm of Lepis, Lepis & Curley.  She practiced real estate, tenancy, wills and estates and corporate practice.  

Anne F. Lepis is a member of the Harvard Law School Alumni and the Hudson County Bar Association.  She is an active member of her community, a wife and mother of two boys.


The Lepis Law Firm has been in the Five Corners area of Jersey City for 80 years, making it one of the oldest firms in Hudson County.  Lepis Law represents clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions, wills-probate & company formations.